Megami Magazine 76 (September 2006)

30 07 2006

I checked the local bookstore and was pleasantly surprised that the August’s issue of Megami Maganize is on sale today, so I bought a copy without hesitation. The cover features Youko from Inukami in bikinis with floral design.

Megami Magazine 76 (2006)

I was pleasantly surprised yet again with the first pinup inside. The long poster this time features four main female characters from SHnY in their full mizuki glory.

Haruhi and Yuki

Mikuru and Tsuruya

Well, despite the characters’ being hot and making a fanboy like me quite happy with their, erm, ample services, I do think that Haruhi seems too, erm, well endowed. Not that I have any complaint with that though… It kind of makes sense since the cover says “ぷるるん♥ウキウキ夏気分[…],” and so we have “pururun” Haruhi and “pururun” Mikuru as it promises.

The magazine also features a “memorial” article on SHnY. I don’t know what it’s actually about, and I have no intention on reading it either. But, apparently, the magazine has shamelessly stolen my idea! LOL!

Arrggghhhh… My “The Many Faces of Suzumiya Haruhi (TM)” idea has been stolen!

Those who buy the magazine then should know the usual drill. We have 22 pinups of girls from current anime series clad in swimsuits. (It’s summer anyway, right?) Featured anime include new series like Tsuyokiss, Chokotto Sister, and Tonagura. Of particular interest to me is the following pinup of Siesta from Zero no Tsukaima. Well, she’s hot and stuff, but aren’t they making her too, erm, developed? Has she been gaining some weight?

Is it the camera angle, or has Siesta been gaining some weight?

Although her brilliance is greatly obscured by modern loli characters, Belldandy, a nice mature lady from the last generation, gets a poster as well.

Also, worth mentioning is a big fanservice article, titled “Obon Gift from Megami Magazine: Summer Bishoujo Catalog,” featuring the entire Tsuyokiss cast on their birthday suits. Although it reminds me of ads of message parlors (which is bad taste actually), Kinu just looks so adorable with her tsuntsun expression here.

Kinu (top-right of the left page) moe!

This issue’s centerfold poster offers the elegance of Sawashika Eri on one side, and the peaceful mood of Fate/Stay Night characters’ spending their summer night together in traditional Japanese style on the other. Man, I want to paste the Fate poster on my wall, but it’s too pretty that I don’t want to apply any adhesive on it!

Ojou takes the centerfold this time.

It’s summer!

Anyway, I’m quite happy with this purchase. Of course, these lame photos I took do the magazine no justice at all. Buy the magazine, fellow perverted fanboys!




4 responses

3 08 2006

Actually that’s the September issue(there’s a number on the magazine indicating the month and you can check online stores about that too) ;)

Anyway, does that mean the first double sided poster has both the Haruhi posters on both sides so that you’d actually need another copy to be able to hang both up?

3 08 2006

Oops, my bad about the issue’s month. Fixed now.

Yes. The first double side poster has Haruhi&Yuki on one side, and Mikuru&Tsuruya on the other. If I have to choose one, I’ll hang the Haruhi side up, ‘coz those two are my favourite characters. But again, I don’t want to ruin the poster by sticking a tape on it. Prolly buying another copy is a good idea after all. (Wait, does that mean if I want to hang both, I have to buy 3 copies?)

3 08 2006

Um i don’t know about the country where you live, but at least here in Australia, we’ve got this thing called Blu-Tack so you don’t need sticky tape since the Blu-Tack goes on the back of the poster ^^

But um why would you say you need 3 copies when you just need one copy for each side of the Haruhi double sided poster(unless you’ve got another double sided poster and you like both sides)? ^^;

4 08 2006

Oh, sorry for the confusion. You see. During the term, I stay in a dorm, and they kick me out at the end of the year. That means I have to remove the posters. I have a tendency of tearing posters when I remove them, so I need a third untouched copy for viewing pleasure after that.

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