Mahou Sensei Negima 144: Friendship! Victory! Reunion!

2 08 2006

Published in Weekly Shounen Magazine 34 (2006)

It turns out that the magic user that created the illusion that pwned the Negi’s Harem Negi Party is a moelicious loli kindergartener who is the daughter of Mitsuru Nijuuin (the fat magician).

“I’m sowwy…”

Being made to fight the person who just rejected her, Asuna threats that she’s not gonna stop just at beating the girl, only to find that she’s too lovely to be beaten. She shakes in fear of the baka middle schooler, apologizes profusely, and runs away to her father.

“Daddy is going to be turned into an ermine. So I just want to somehow help him…”

Aww… Good girl. The people who make you cry are bad bad people indeed. Oh, speaking of which, you know much more magic than Negi does when he was at your age. Now, we know who’s the REAL genius. I hope you get more screen time in future chapters.

Before the Negi Party proceed, Chisame raises a question of whether it’s worth risking their lives to save Negi. Well, you know what to expect here. Nodoka wants to meet Negi again. Asuna thinks Negi can’t do everything by himself. Yue thinks life is more interesting if she gets herself involved. Yadda yadda. Finally, Chisame is peer-pressured to join them, saying that she would be really sorry if magical beasts roam free in the world she lives. Man, and I thought she would be more consistent in keeping her “WTF! Get me out of this!” attitude or would do it voluntarily like when she helped calm the rumors on the net. Letting peers influence you like that is not cool ze, Chisame-chan.

The party moves forward to find Takahata, who allows them to pass. (Man, and I hoped he would be a badass like the fake Takahata. He’s too good and too logical to be true.) He also asks Yue and Chamo to relay a message to someone.

The last guardian is no one other than Takahata.

We’ll fight you if we have to.

“I’ll doze off for 10 minutes.”

“Do you best.”

In the meantime, Negi is trying to break out of the prison cell, pounding the door with all his might in vain. However, the door suddenly lifts up a little, making a small crack through which he can slide. Escaping the cell, Negi finds all his equipments — cane, magic ring, and Pactio cards — at a nearby security control gate (like those in airports). Negi suspucts that it’s Takahata’s helping hand that arranged everything for him so perfectly, but he has no time to thank the senior teacher. Negi rushes out to the hallway to be greated by his first concubine’s Asuna’s embrace.

Asuna: “You’re with me tonight.”
Nodoka: “Asuna-san, zurui!!!”
Paru: “Yeah! Can I join you guys?”
Yue: “So immature, desu. Negi-sensei is in love with my technique, desu.”

“Lisen. You’re not only our magister magi, and also our sex slave friend, okay?”

Chamo interrupts the joyful reunion, saying that they don’t have much time left. Negi is also worried about getting above ground. However, Chamo says that the present situation is perfect, because they’re not going back up, but are going to the depths under the World Three, where Casiopeia is supposed to be functional.

“We are going to dive to the depths of the World Tree. Are you guys ready?”


A rather boring chapter to my taste. There’s no action to keep me excite, and nothing really happens story-wise. Nijuuin’s daughter is so cute, and that’s about the only good thing about the chapter. The next chapter is going to be interesting though. I’m eagerly waiting for next week to come!


Word Reading Meaning
憧れ あこがれ yearning
神経 しんけい nerve, sensitivity
世話が焼ける せわがやける to be troublesome
踏み込む ふみこむ to step into
頑固 がんこ stubbornness
わな trap
捕まる つかまる to be caught
園児 えんじ kindergarten student
宿命 しゅくめい destiny
瞑る つぶる to close the eyes
不死身 ふじみ immortality
把握 はかく grasp, understanding
拍車 はくしゃ riding spur
後者 こうしゃ the latter
覚悟 かくご preparedness, resolu…
万能 ばんのう all purpose, almight…
さく rope, cord
闊歩 かっぽ striding, swaggering
犯人 はんにん culprit
潜る もぐる to dive
居眠り いねむり dozing off
及ばない およばない unattainable
つえ cane, stick
空間 くうかん space, room
怪我 けが injury
迂闊 うかつ carelessness, stupid…
現状 げんじょう present condition
残酷 ざんこく cruelty
博打 ばくち gambling
無限 むげん infinite
真っ平 まっぴら sincerely, (not) by …
傑作 けっさく masterpiece
懸ける かける to put (one’s life) …
義理 ぎり obligation
焦る あせる to be in a hurry
平穏 へいおん tranquil, calm
ぶん殴る ぶんなぐる to knock
指輪 ゆびわ ring
使命 しめい mission
遭う あう to meet, to encounter
退屈 たいくつ boredom
興味?[い きょうみぶかい very interesting
深部 しんぶ depths, deep part
野望 やぼう ambition, treachery
幼稚園 ようちえん kindergarten
活躍 かつやく activity
正確 せいかく accurate
偉い えらい great



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10 08 2006

yes…chapter 145 is more interesting, although in my opinion, not much more exciting as chapter 144.

29 12 2009
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