Comiket 70 Shopping List

9 08 2006

The lack of updates in the last week is due to the fact that there was a lot going on in my life/anime fandom. On August 5-6, I took a trip to Hiroshima Prefecture to visit the Miyajima, the Peace Memorial Park, and, most importantly, the town of Onomichi, where the supreme moeness of the almighty Yurie-sama shines in the tales of Kamichu! I promise I’ll write something about it.

Well, back to the topic, the 70th Comiket is just two days away, and I’m psyched beyond words. I’ve been busy preparing my shopping list. It’s not an easy task, I have to say, because it involves curbing my buying desire.

Anyways, here’s the list:

Non-doujinshi Item(s):

  • Fate Testarossa dakimakura cover: I actually haven’t decided to buy this yet because of it’s exorbitant price: 7500en can buy me 15 books. Should I buy it? Should I not?

Friday August 11:

  • SIX SHOT (東A16): If the Haruhi book is not pr0n, then they’ll get my money.
  • あねご屋 (東D35): The Noir/MADLAX/Avenger doujinshi looks awesome.
  • 黒雪 (東F37): Miruku Hunters 5 (if I can stand it), and the last SEED book. (NSFW)
  • 青空プロレス (東シ34): Azumanga Daioh/Yotsuba to! book.
  • 塩こんぶプロジェクト (東シ43): Their original comics looks interesting.
  • SWEET ROSE (東シ47): Barasui of the Ichigo Mashimaro fame.
  • ビィスタヂ (東ネ39): Keroro Gunso gag doujinshi.
  • はらぺこぽん (東ネ14): Negima book about the Library Expedition Club
  • Various other Tales Series, and Suikoden Series doujinshi.

Saturday August 12:

Sunday August 13:

  • Too many to list, and still deciding.



One response

17 08 2006
Cardcaptor’s Blog » Comiket 70 Report: Friday August 11

[…] I started with the East Hall, trying to get the doujinshis I listed in the shopping list. To my delight, most circles on my shopping list do not have long lines, so I could buy their works without waiting. Some circles’ doujins do not match my expectation, and I ended up buying works of nearby circles that look better. After getting all the planned stuffs in East 1-3, I lined up for SWEET ROSE, aka Barasui of Ichigo Mashimaro’s fame. After 30 minutes of waiting in a horrendously long line outside East 2, the line just started to move forward quickly back into the building and disintegrated, leaving a big question mark and a bigger WTF on my face. That must have meant that SWEET ROSE sold out their stuffs, and I missed one of the titles I wanted the most. T_T […]

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