School Rumble 188: Paparazzi

16 08 2006

Published in Weekly Shounen Magazine 34 (2006)

In which Fuyuki, the class’ cameraman, gets his hands full or work as friends come one after another with photo-retouching requests. Hilarity ensues.

Tenma is disappointed that she doesn’t have any love2 photos with Karasuma. Mikoto comes to the rescue with her simple, effective, to-the-point, l33t photo-retouching skillz:

Yes, Mikoto, I also think that that’s what Tenma would actually do.

Fuyuki’s life might have been easier had his photo-retouching masterpiece, D-cup Karerin (TM), not been revealed to the world. Even Imadori looks at Karen in a different light now. Seriously, if Karen has that much assets, then she’s hotter than Mikuru: loli-face, big breasts, squeaking voice, and Herculean might!

Thumbs up to Fuyuki. Good job, man!

Then a torrent of retouching requests come Fuyuki’s way. The first client is Suga, who claims that he spent time in Kyoto with Sagano and a hot Onee-san. Although he did not spend any time with any of his female classmates or any other women at all, the poor boy gets what he wants:

Suga: “Yeah! This is my memory!!”
Student A: “Is that okay with you, Suga…”

The next clients are two girls I don’t remeber their name. I suppose one is Sagano, but I’m not entirely sure about that. They want Fuyuki to dodge their photos to make their skins white like those in Purikura stickers. It seems Fuyuki is too hasty doing this manipulation:

Girl A: Whitening it! Whitening it!
Girl B: Quick! Dodge it! Dodge it!
Girl A or B: You dodged too much.

After that, Fuyuki notices a password-protected folder named “Nara” on the Desktop. Out of curiosity, he breaks the password and forces the folder open to discover…

Nara no Setsubou (Nara’s earnest desire: aka, being the main character of a harem anime).

Yoshidayama and Nishimoto are the next in line. They want Fuyuki to retouch their photo so that it reflects their “true selves.”

Yoshidayama’s and Nishimoto’s true selves(-deception).
(Fuyuki seriously needs to put this artifact in his resume. It will get him far.)

Mikoto then brings Tenma, the last client of the day, to the cameraman. Obviously, Tenma’s request is for Fuyuki to fabricate a photo of her with Karasuma, and Mikoto seems to have a request of her own…

Night falls. Harima sneaks into the Photo Club, and discovers two shocking retouched photos:

1. Suou Mikoto no Yuuutsu (The Melancholy of Mikoto Suou)

2. Kenji Harima no Yuuutsu (The Melancholy of Harima Kenji)

(It would seem that Mikoto worries too much about her waist. I mean, it’s in good shape as it is, so Fuyuki has no choice but to exaggeratingly narrow her waist.)

The second shopped photo drives Harima into his usual I-will-do-everything-to-break-Karasuma-and-Tenma-chan-apart mode. But when he is about start to start his sinister plan to replace Karasuma in the picture with himself, Nishimoto, who seems to have been thinking that his face should be more clear-cut for three hours, barges in to edit his photo, thereby forcing Harima to escape the room.

Nishimoto: “As I thought, my true self’s face should be more clear-cut.
I’ve been thinking about this for three hours already.”
Harima: “That was dangerous!”

Harima’s plan does not completely foil, however…

Harima Kenji no Inbou (The Conspiracy of Kenji Harima)

Looks like Tenma wants to give a piece of her mind to him afterwards.


Although, just like last week, nothing happens story-wise, this chapter is just freaking hilarious. I roflol out loud seeing Mikoto’s cut-and-paste skillz, Yoshidayama’s and Nishimoto’s true selves, Nara’s secret photo, Mikoto’s trimmed waist, and Harima-Karasuma picture. Kobayashi Jin sure keeps us waiting for story development, but he is capable of keeping us entertained from time to time. Thumbs up for him this time.


Word Reading Meaning
てっきり てっきり certainly, beyond doubt
主演 しゅえん playing the lead part
演出 えんしゅつ production, direction
将来 しょうらい future
写る うつる to be photographed
写す うつす to photograph
恨み うらみ grudge
巡り めぐり tour, pilgrimage
曇り くもり cloudiness
飛ばす とばす to dodge (a picture)
修正 しゅうせい modification, correction
味方 みかた ally, supporter
まゆ eyebrow
輪郭 りんかく outline, contour
完成 かんせい complete, completion
ついでに ついでに while (you) are at it
解釈 かいしゃく explanation, interpretation
すっかり すっかり all, completely
捏造 ねつぞう falsehood, forgery
早退 そうたい leave early



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