Random Bits #1

29 08 2006
  • Upon seeing this blog entry, I ventured to Akihabara on August 19th in search of the Asa & Kaede bed sheet that comes up with the special edition of Dengeki Hime (or is it the other way around?). The bed sheets were sold out at almost all the stores I want to, including Animate, Melon Books, and Gamers. When I was about to give up on it though, I went to K-books and, to my delight, found that there were still some available. Now, the bedsheet is adorning my flat futon. It feels good to sleep on, seriously, due to the nature of the fabric itself.

  • On August 27th, I attened COMITIA, a comic convention in the same spirit as Comiket but focused on original works. Many cool books there, but I hold myself back so that I didn’t spend too much. As a result, I ended up getting 11 books as shown in the picture below:

The most interesting one is, perhaps, a picture book about Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution (Row 2, Column 3). The artist personifies it as a little girl in red blouse who’s crying because politicians are now trying to “dress her up.” The doujin caricaturing Koizumi looks amusing, but I haven’t read it yet. A lot of “art” circles like Ryusuke Works participated in COMITIA, and I managed to get 3 beautiful illustration collections. Other books are mangas featuring robots or machines, with the exception of “Run! Run! Run!,” a typical shoujo manga which I think the drawing is very consistent and well done.

There are four COMITIAs each year, but I don’t remember in which months. COMITIA is much smaller and much more relaxed than Comiket: it only occupies one hall among the East halls, and you don’t have to wait long lines to get your doujinshi. Art quality and originality are superior, and you get to see more political works. The cons are that there are no parodies of your favorite manga or anime series, and, of course, there’s a lot fewer books with pornographic contents.

  • I read and like Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece, but they are not the reason I buy Shounen Jump every week. Yes, as you might expect, a perverted fanboy like me buy Jump for Toloveru, a new fanservice manga by Yabuki Kentarou, the creator of Black Cat. All I can say is that the manga is delicious. Both Lala and Haruna, the two female leads, are really cute, and we get to see them wearing next to nothing almost every week. What else can you ask for? Thank you Yabuki-sensei for becoming more eroero for us!

By the way, last week’s jump features a Toloveru posters with the the girls in bikinis. This week’s, though, is a lot nicer ‘coz it’s a mizuki chapter.

The poster that comes with Shounen Jump 36-37.

Lala’s nice racks eyes.




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