Mahou Sensei Negima! 147: The Full Picture of the Counter-Chao Plan

10 09 2006

Published in Shounen Magazine 39 (2006)

Negi’s plan is actually to change the annual massively multiplayer event from a ginormous hide-and-seek to a survival shooting game, codename: “Mars Attack vs. Mahora Mage Orger” (Order?). The participants play the role of the mages of Mahora academy who must defend six spots in school from being taken over by an army of robot from Mars.

Event Poster featuring Nagi, Al, and Nekane(?)

Now, let us look at various aspects of the event, one by one:

Advertising: In order to be effective, the plan requires lots of people participate to match the number in Chao’s robot army. The event itself sounds quite exciting, but how do they manage to convince people that it’s not just some cheap make-believe war game? Of course, through the use of hot 3-A girls in costumes! No further questions asked! The event must be good and fun!

Hot girls sure make things look a lot more interesting, doesn’t it?

“Please participate, okay?”

Ayaka in an even more glamorous/revealing outfit.

Equipments: Each participant can choose two weapons of various types ranging from simple magic wands to bazookas. He/she is also given a wizard robe with some kind of safety equipment built in.

Basic installment.

The weapons are capable of emitting light that has no effect on human body, but is deadly to robots, dolls, or golems. They are what Kamo ordered the principal to get from the warehouse in the last episodes: mass-produced weapons specialized in inhibiting magical energy sources of lifeless animate bodies. It turns out that the cause of their mass production is none other than Evangeline-sama, who commanded a legion of killer dolls back in her glorious day. According to Kamo, the weapons should be highly effective against Tanaka and other robots which operate in standalone mode, feeding on the energy of the World Tree.

Makie demonstrates the weapon’s WOW factor.

Kamo explains the weapons’ function and history.

The Rules: Pretty standard. The number of participants are limited as the number of weapons are limited. Only participants are allowed in the area due to possible danger to those who do not wear the robes. Each participant is free to choose to defend one of the six spots, and if there spot is taken over, then it’s game over. Participants with high numbers of kills will be handsomely awarded. Yadda, yadda…

Three of the six spots to defend: the bridge, the World Tree plaza, and Tatsumiya Shrine

Awesomeness: Dude, take a look at what Asuna and Setsuna are wearing today!

Asuknight and Nekomimi wafuku meido Setsuna
(Setsuna’s is not a new costume, but awesome nonetheless.)

Press Coverage & Criticism: Of course, the person who can provide both is none other than Asakura, who comes hand in hand with Sayo after having no screen time for a couple of months. Asuna is the first person to run into them while they are taping Makie’s demonstration. After being questioned about their relation with Chao and their motives, Asakura reveals that she’s not on anyone’s side, but is convinced to join Negi’s cause after learning that, if the plan fails, then the child teacher is going to be turned into an ermine.

“If I have to say so myself, i’m not anyone’s ally.”

Asakura then discusses the plan with Kamo. She comments that the plan is not bad as it is able to use the mass as an effective front line defense without revealing the secret about magic. The nature of the event also makes it easy to attract people, and many students in the academy are good at this kind of game. However, she criticizes that the plan relies too much on the premise that Chao will not harm people. Kamo replies that, if Chao were to do so, they would cancel the event immediately, but he belives that Chao would want to cause any injury. However, the principal and the magical teachers think that, if it’s some other kinds of little mischieve, and she probably does it without hesitation. Asakura then says Negi, the plan’s originator, probably has advanced one step into the path of becoming an immoral adult as it’s not like him to come up with plans that involves other people. This remark provokes a kind of father-defending-his-son response from Kamo, who says that he too is surprise about the plan’s actually coming out of Negi’s mouth, and that Negi’s way of thinking is still way too concerning and serious.

Execution: The plan receives full support from the magical teachers, and the 3-A girls handle the PR and the distribution of magical weapons. Asuna and Setsuna, of course, dress up so that that can kick ass when the robots come. Paru and Nodoka make the posters, and Chisame spreads the news over the internet. Everything goes well, and the formation is finished at 6PM, one hour before the attack.

Setsuna, though, worries that, as Chao is able to their formation, she would adapt to the situation by changing the time of the attack. Kamo assures Setsuna that Chao delay the attack, but there’s certainly a possibility that she might speed it up. Realizing, Kamo tries to contact Negi, but the communication is jammed. Suddenly, 2,500 robots emerge from the lake, marching towards the crowd of ZOMG-I-did-not-think-it-is-this-awesome Mahora mages, and attacking people with their laser.

The advent of the robots.


Safety: Is this survival shooting game safe? Yes and no. Yes because the effect of the laser is this:

Madoka is one of the first people to feel the wrath of Chao’s Nuge (stripping) Laser (TM)

No because injuries might be caused by severe nosebleeds…


  • Chisame is very concerned with Negi’s worries, and Yue is jealous of him?

Chisame: “Geez… worrying about what’s right and wrong
is too much for a 10-year-old kid.” (*grabbing Negi’s hand*)
Yue: “………”

  • Touko-sensei has a pactio card. Who’s her master? Is it that sunglass teacher? If so, did they smooch?

Touko and her pactio card.


Genius! Akamatsu-sensei. Genius!

  • Large scale battle: check.

  • Hot girls in costumes: check.

  • Fanservice: check.

  • Awesomeness: check.

I’m looking forward to the next chapter for all of the above, hehe…


Word Reading Meaning
進行 しんこう advance
宣伝 せんでん propaganda, publicity
全貌 ぜんぼう whole story, full picture
防衛 ぼうえい defense, protection, self-defense
実演 じつえん state show, performance
支給 しきゅう payment, allowance
装備 そうび equipment
数々 かずかず many
装置 そうち apparatus, installation, equipment
兼ねる かねる to combine with
司会者 しかいしゃ master of ceremonies
役目 やくめ duty, business
見返り みかえり collateral
顛末 てんまつ facts, details
取?゙ しゅざい collecting data
一理 いちり a principle, a reason
強いて言えば しいていえば if anything, if I’m forced to say something
奴隷 どれい slave, servant
恰好付ける かっこつける to affect a stylish air
意義 いぎ meaning, significance
囁く ささやく to whisper, to murmur
ばつ punishment
見逃す みのがす to overlook
浮かれる うかれる to be festive, to make merry
魘される うなされる to have a nightmare
侮る あなどる to disdain, to make light of
阻止 そし check, prevention
人目 ひとめ public gaze, public notice
当事者 とうじしゃ person concerned, interested party
増す ます to increase. to grow
講じる こうじる to lecture
存外 ぞんがい beyond or contrary to expectation
鬼神 きじん fierce god
使役 しえき setting to work, enslavement
生成 せいせい create, generate, form
たぐい a kind
何れにせよ いずれにせよ anyhow, at any rate
心する こころする to mind, to be attentive
応援 おうえん reinforcement
演出 えんしゅつ production, direction
大作 たいさく epic
定員 ていいん fixed number of people
せい system, regulation
装弾 そうだん loading a firearm
ごと each respectively
慎重 しんちょう discretion, prudence
拠点 きょてん position, base, point
一斉 いっせい all, simultaneously
路地 ろじ alley, alleyway
臨時 りんじ special, temporary, extraordinary
陽動 ようどう diversionary tactics
無自覚 むじかく unaware of, unconsciousn ess
所詮 しょせん after all
在庫 ざいこ stockpile, stock
生命体 せいめいたい life-form
駆動 くどう driving force
追い込む゙ おいこむ to corner, to drive
対抗 たいこう opposition, antagonism
量産 りょうさん mass production
供給 きょうきゅう supply, provision
機動 こうき manuever
渡り合う わたりあう to argue, to match
寸法 すんぽう measurement, size, dimension
危害 きがい injury, harm
加える くわえる to inflict
大前提 たいぜんてい major premise, principle
激突 げきとつ clash, clash into
堅気 かたぎ honest, respectable
悪党 あくとう scroundrel, rascal, villain
与する くみする to take part in, to side with, to support, to be implicated with
一皮 ひとかわ unmasking
剥ける むける to peel off, to come off
勘定 かんじょう consideration, reckoning
素質 そしつ character, quality
不気味 ぶきみ weird, eerie, ominous
象徴 しょうちょう symbol
選択 せんたく selection, choice
豪華 ごうか wonderful, extravagance
進呈 しんてい presentation
所属 しょぞく attached to, belong to
占拠 せんきょ occupation
攻守 こうしゅ offense and defense
配置 はいち arrangement
余裕 よゆう surplus, margin, room, time, allowance
布?w ふじん battle formation
断念 だんねん abandoning, giving up
制約 せいやく limitation, restriction, condition
各地 かくち every place
共振 きょうしん resonance



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10 09 2006

I liked the summary for 146 better because it was in order. And you could just put the rules at the end.

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