Blonde, in Black, and Kick-ass

12 09 2006

While many people are megane-moe, meido-moe, ane-moe, imouto-moe, etc, I find myself attracted to anime/manga/game girls having the properties in the title of the post: they (1) are blonde, (2) wear black outfits, and (3) have lots of potential to kick ass, which usually manifests itself in the form of high destructive power. I sincerely think that there should be a moe-zokusei dedicated to them. Although there are few in number right now, there shall be more in the near future. At the moment, I only know four, and they all rank very high in my list of favourite characters.

Fate Testarossa (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Series)

Fate is the best thing in Nanoha! She inspired me to wait in line at the Nanoha booth in Comiket 70 just to get the “Certificate of Coming to the Store” so that I could order this later. How can you resist a blonde loli with attitude who wields a kick-ass weapon that can transform into a really big sword?

Otona ni natte mo…

Eve (Black Cat)

Eve is also the best thing in Black Cat. While the manga’s story is cliche and bland, Eve keeps me reading. She might start out as a Rei clone, but then she grows up and develops her own personality. Her competitiveness with Train in being a better team with Sven is adorable, and I love her strong sense of justice. Eve’s weapon system, shapeshifting, is the coolest of the bunch, while lacking in destructive power, and she’s the most elegant of all anime girls IMO as well.

The bottom is an Eve uchiwa I bought from Jump Shop in Odaiba.

Evangeline A. K. McDowell (Mahou Sensei Negima!)

She was once my most favourite character in Negima. (The current one is Yue.) Eva-sama is cool on so many levels. Her tsundere-ness, her passion for the man she loves, the way she “teases” Setsuna, the way she rapes exacts consultation fee from Negi, and the way she reacts to Al’s remarks are just cool/cute.

Marisa Kirisame (Touhou Series)

By far the coolest characters of the four. Of course, she’s the best thing in Touhou, and a lot of people have to agree with me on that. She’s a walking/flying weapon of mass destruction who wreaks havoc everywhere she visits. Her Master Spark puts Starlight Breaker and Kamehameha to shame. Oh, didn’t I mention that she also has Final Spark, Blazing Star, Shoot the Moon, and various other lasers/projectiles that can vaporize anything on their way in her artillery? Marisa is a nuisance to everyone, but they all love her for some reason. So, she’s the only Touhou character who sports a harem (though unofficially). Her use of “ze” and the way she calls others by “omae,” but calling herself “watashi” are interesting speech patterns. I like the fact that she puts lots of effort in her magic research, and the fact that, deep down, she’s a straight-forward person.




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12 09 2006
Dr. Octagonecologyst

You do realise they are all loli. I’m just sayin’.

12 09 2006

Yes I do. Perhaps I should say “Blonde Kick-ass Loli in Black” instead… -_-‘

12 09 2006

Excellent choice. Fate and Eve happens to be my favorite characters as well.

13 09 2006
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[…] As you can see from the photo above, the gigantic pumpkin skirt is removable. Hmm… I’ve suddenly reminded of Cardcaptor’s recent blog entry, “Blonde, in Black, and Kick-ass”. That curly blonde hair, the black Halloween-esque wardrobe, her strong and decisive attitude from the game, it’s all there. Even the sheer ロリ erotica — all the characteristics that make up a remarkable character, depending on who you ask. Why am I now reminded of Etna all of a sudden, minus the blonde hair of course. Keh, red heads have always appealed more to my tastes anyway. Like Kohaku (Tsukihime/Melty Blood), Prier (La Pucelle), Tamaki (ToHeart2), … you get the picture. […]

25 05 2007
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[…] “Well, it’s kind of weird. But I like blonde girls in black clothes.” […]

5 01 2008
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23 02 2008

I like pie

16 09 2008

Yay for Marisa :D

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