Mahou Sensei Negima 148: The Great Battle of Mahora, Bang!

19 09 2006

As left off in the last chapter, Chao’s robot army attacks one hour earlier than everyone expects. Serving as the MC again, Asakura announces the beggining of the game.


Shiina and Misa are the next in line to face the wrath of Stripping Laser(TM). Madoka, who just renewed her robe and wand, informs them that it’s -50 points every time one gets hit, so they need to get their fighting equipments anew and start fighting as soon as possible.

*Double Nosebleeds*

Meanwhile, Nutmeg monitors the fight from a computer terminal somewhere reports that the students are putting up a good fight, but their has been 12 humanoid robots that has penetrated the front line defense at the beach. Those 12, however, are shot down quite quickly by Yuuna and the gang, who guard the World Tree Plaza.

Fuuka, Fumika, Ako, Akira, and Yuuna battle in their cute costumes.

Of course, the robots don’t go down that easily, but they underestimate Yuuna who kick serious asses this time.

Skillfully dodging the laser…

and striking back.

But the battle is far from ending…

Back to the Negi Party, Asuna notices that she cannot use her Pactio card to communicate with Negi. Setsuna suggests that Chao might be jamming the communication channel, so Kamo decides that someone has to go to Negi directly and bring him to the battlefield. Asuna asks Ku to go fetch Negi, but Iincho and Makie overhear their conversation and ask if they can tag along. Ku hesitates, but Kamo says getting Negi is more important, so they can let to two girls follow.

In the library, Yue tells Chisame that, strictly, Chao’s action cannot be considered terrorism: it’s a revolution. Also, there are two points that make Negi hesitate to fight the Chinese girl-genius. First, many people in the world might be saved if everyone knows about magic Second, the reason Chao carries out her plan is to avoid an unfortunate future. However, Yue says that she has an argument for stopping her. Chisame then asks Yue to tell it to Negi because she doesn’t want Negi to make a mistake like Takahata did, and that’s why Yue’s word is necessary for Negi. Listening to Chisame’s request, Yue blushes and looks unsettled for some reason. Maybe she’s too shy to talk to Negi directly after kissing him? Maybe she’s jealous because Chisame seems to care about Negi a lot? Maybe she doesn’t want to contradict what she said to Negi earlier?

Yue becomes uneasy when Chisame asks her to tell Negi the argument.

The scene cuts to the battlefield again, and we see Yuuna and co. having trouble dealing with the incessant influx of robots.

OMG! They’re gonna be stripped! *evil grin*

Suddenly, however, Asuna and Setsuna come to their rescue, sending robot parts flying and kicking even more serious asses than Yuuna did.

The Hero Unit has arrived with cool poses rarely seen in harem manga.

The magic-gunner-who-recently-kicked-ass and her comrades watch in awe, and proceed to ask what in the world the two are doing. Asuna explains that she and Setsuna play the role of the “Hero Unit.” Hearing the word “unit,” Yuuna think that the two are forming an “idol unit” and is doing some kind of “idol debut,” prompting Asuna to tsukkomi by telling her to read the pamphlet, which says that the Hero Unit consist of uber strong characters who will come to rescue people. The Hero Unit then jump away for another robot slaying fun, leaving their friends in “That’s so cool! I want to do it too!” mood.

Other members such as Higegura (the sunglass sensei), Touko, Takane, and Mei of the Hero Unit also begin to take their actions. Asakura encourages participants to cooperate with the unit so that they can earn lots of points.

No students beiieve Touko would take part in a nonsense like this.

Nobody knows the pain of being stripped before people’s eyes better than Takane does.
It’s time for her revenge…

Back at the command center, Nutmeg is amazed that more than 1,000 robots have been shot down. Her delight, however, is short-lived because a red alert is triggered as she finishes her sentence. Someone is hacking the school defense system main computer.

“This… This is… Somone’s hacking the school defense system main computer!”


This chapter continues to deliver the awesomeness and fanservice last chapter did. Again, I have to praise Akamatsu-sensei for choosing the right combination of events to allow for intense shounen-style battles, naked girls, and costumes at the same time. I bet he must be enjoying drawing this arc a lot.

One thing that I find amusing in this chapter is Fumika’s concern for the prize moeny, and how she expresses it in a cute manner. When Yuuna remarks that, if the robots occupy the upper World Tree Plaza, they will lose, Fumika asks “If we lose, does the prize money go paa~?” She goes “Does the prize money go paa~?” again when surrounded by the robots. You see, I’m a sucker for weird utterances.

Does the prize money go paa~?


Word Reading Meaning
見抜く みぬく to see through
奇襲 きしゅう surprise attack
立ち向かう たちむかう to fight against, to face, to oppose
かね bell, chime
戦端 せんたん opening of hostilities
模様 もよう pattern, figure, design
司会 しかい chairmanship
憎い にくい detestable, abominable, poor-looking
どんぱち どんぱち the sound of gun shots or fireworks
軍事 ぐんじ military affairs
怯む ひるむ to falter
前線 ぜんせん fight a good fight
突破 とっぱ breaking through, penetration
到達 とうたつ reaching, attaining, arrival
稼げる かせげる to work, to earn income
のりのり のりのり in high spirit
見込む みこむ to anticipate, to estimate
妨害 ぼうがい jamming, obstruction, interference
開催 かいさい holding a meeting, opening an exhibition
厳密 げんみつ strict, close
厳密に げんみつに strictly
根底 こんてい root, basis, foundation
覆す くちがえす to overturn, to overthrow, to undermine, to upset
帰結 きけつ conclusion
げらげら げらげら a loud or boisterous burst of laughter
流行 はやり fashionable
明白 あからさま obvious, overt, plainly, frankly
確固 かっこ firm
決戦 けっせん decisive battle
踏まえる ふまえる to be based on
根拠 こんきょ basis, foundation
論理 ろんり logic
提示 ていじ presentation, exhibit, suggest
飽く迄 あくまで to the end, to the last, all in all
同様 どうよう identical, equal to, like
詰め つめ mate, checkmate
誤る あやまる to make a mistake
多脚 たきゃく multiped (many legs)
一環 いっかん link
街路 がいろ road, street, avenue
得点 とくてん score, points earned
御御足 おみあし another’s foot or leg (used to call others you respect)
存分 ぞんぶん to one’s heart content
感心 かんしん admiration
撃破 げきは crushing
越える こえる to exceed
ぞっと ぞっと shiver
明言 めいげん declaration, statement
策士 さくし tactician, schemer
警備 けいび defense



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