Mahou Sensei Negima 149: Chisame Smooches Negi

1 10 2006

Well, the real title of the chapter is actually “Welcome Negi Party.”

The attack to the computer system is too much for Nutmeg and the bespectacled sensei to handle. The intruder seems to have slipped through all the defensive programs, and they can’t employ Type 03 Electronic Spirit (What? EVA03?) because the communication is jammed. The intruder can also figure out 12 digits of the access code in a very short amount of time, and this feast makes Nutmeg believe that they are not dealing with a human hacker here.

ZOMGWTFBBQ! W3 90t pwn3d by l33t haxor!

The computer system doesn’t go down alone. It shares fate with the school’s magical barrier system, and once the barrier weakens, Gundams No, I mean Godzilla those “gigantic living weapon” thingies awaken, rise from the lake, and disrobe people. (Fanservice ensues as usual.)

Sakurako: “Gun__ams!? Hey, they’re G__ndam, right?”

Attacks of the Gund__ms.

Misa: “Big fat stripping game?” (Wait… Is this a loli?)

Watching a visual feed from the internet, the girls watching over Negi in the library learns that the battle has started. Nodoka and Paru think it’s time to wake up Negi, but they are stopped by Chisame who says that Negi’s role is to deal with Chao in the final showdown, so he should keep resting until then.

Switching back, the three male magical teachers — Seruhiko, Gandolfini, and Higegura — appear at the battlefield, and begin casting spells to hold off the giant robots with their flashy spells.

Like in the real world, getting older means less screen time.
Gambare, wakakunai sensei-tachi.

However, in the midst of the intense battle, Misora, aka “Mysterious Sister,” observes the situation calmly as she tries to record the great battle with her l33t artistic skillz… (Aha, so now we know who drew that picture…)

Mysterious Sister: “I think it looks quite like the real thing… Don’t you think so?”
(Dude! Why are you getting lamer and lamer every chapter?
Akamatsu-sensei, don’t make her a gag character.
She has a lot of potential to kick serious ass!)

The camera then catches a picture of Mana in a black cloak, preparing to strike, and then of Ku-Fei’s fighting lesser robots and leading Makie and Iincho to the library. It then shows a scene where Nutmeg and the male sensei panic about the speed at which the hacker works, and later shows that the hacker is no one other than Chachamaru.

Now comes the most important scene of the chapter. Chisame tell other girls that, using information from Yue’s artifact, she can tell that someone is attacking the school’s defense system from the net, and this results in the awakening of the giant weapons. Unable to stop the attack, Chisame curses the B6 subnotebook and the 802.11b wireless LAN she’s using for their lack of computational power. Quick wit as ever, Paru-sama suggests that Chisame perform a chuu with Negi so as to get a powerful artifact to fight the hacker. Chisame’s bitching ensues, but Paru-sama doesn’t listen to her anyway.

Arriving at the scene, Chamo is informed by Paru that it’s Chisame’s turn to do the pactio. He quickly proceeds to draw a magic circle around Negi while Paru and the gang withdraw from the room to give Chiuchi some *privacy*.

Don’t be scared
You got the mood prepared
Go on and kiss the boy
Don’t stop now
Don’t try to hide it how
You wanna kiss the boy

Chisame then enters a long internal monologue to convince herself that smooching the ten-year-old teacher is the right thing to do, and finally decides to do the deed as she thinks that her partner is just a kid. (Nah… We all know that you just want to taste the boy’s lips, Chiuchi.) The girl geek then kneels down beside the sleeping child teacher…

It’s reverse Sleeping Beauty here!

But as she was about to push her lips against his, Chisame feels guilty that she’s about to steal a kiss from a sleeping boy. She manages to brush the thought off, however, and draws her face closer. Yet again, Negi’s awesomeness she witnessed yesterday flashes across her mind, making her unable to think that he’s just a normal 10 year old. Nevertheless, reminding herself that she has to do it while the boy is still asleep, Chiuchi throws away all the lingering hesitation and brings her face even closer, only to be interrupt by the sight of Negi’s waking up…

“Hmm…? Chiu-san?”
(What? Chiu-san? Seems like he’s quite fond of the girl geek.)

But Chisame’s determination cannot be easily broken as she soon delivers the most hilarious kiss evar in manga history…

“Shut up! Be quiet!”

And she definitely enjoys it…

Oh… So soft…

Chisame: “How many seconds do I have to do this? I start to feel kinda wierd…”
Kamo: “It’s all good now Chiuchi.”
Chisame: “Oh, is that so?”

Negi: “Err… Chiu-san”
Chisame: “Sorry, sensei. I formed a contract without asking for permission.”
Negi: “Er… Err…”
Chisame: “Shut up! Be quite!”

Changing the subject, Chisame reports that it’s a battlefield outside like Negi wanted, and tells Negi that he can leave the net to her and that if he should talk to Yue if he still hesitates to stop Chao. The geek girl who just gave away her first kiss then instructs the child teacher to give Chao a good disciplining.

Chisame: “You’re now my sex slave. It’s your turn. Give that Chao a good smack.”
Negi: “Y… Yes!”


Hilarious. Simply hilarious. I just love Chisame’s panicking and internal monologue. The Mysterious Sister’s artistic prowess gag is commendable as well, but I kinda feel that Akamatsu-sensie’s nurfing Misora too much. I really want to see what Chisame’s artifact can do, but it seems that I have to wait for another week. *sigh*


Word Reading Meaning
侵略 しんりゃく aggression, invasion, raid
烈火 れっか raging fire, conflagration
如し ごとし like, as if, the same as
早くも はやくも already, as early as
出力 しゅつりょく output
幾重 いくえ multi-plied, repeated
張り巡らす はりめぐらす to stretch around
多層 たそう multilayer
防御 ぼうぎょ defense, safeguard, protection
梃子摺る てこずる to have a hard time
防壁 ぼうけき prpotective wall, firewall
展開 てんかい expansion, develop
精霊 せいれい spirit, soul, ghost
ぐん (math)group
解凍 かいとう thaw
妨害 ぼうがい jamming, disturbance
中枢 ちゅうすう centre, backbone
けた column, digit, beam
掌握 しょうあく grasping, holding, seizing
地響き じひびき earth tremor
立体映画 りったいえいぞう three-dimensional movie
気合 きあい scream, yell, fighting spirit
窺う うかがう to see the situation
つわもの soldier, warrior
驚異 きょうい wonder, miracle
もう fierce, rave, furious
炸裂 さくれつ explosion
光景 こうけい scene, spectacle
物体 ぶったい object, body
新米 しんまい novice, newbie
まく curtain, act (in play)
格段 さくだん special, exceptional, remarkable
かく status, character, case
復活 ふっかつ revival, restoration
把握 はあく grasp, catch, understanding
すら すら even
権限 けんげん power, authority, jurisdiction
危機 きき crisis
視野 しや field of vision, outlook
とく profit, gain, interest
やっと やっと at last, at length
ごっちゃ ごっちゃ jumble, mixup
耐える たえる to bear, to stand, to endure
奪う うばう to snatch away
切り札 きりふだ trump card



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