School Rumble 189: Sleepless in Seattle

7 10 2006

Yes, I finally realize it’s time to get off my lazy ass and give School Rumble the love it deserves.

It is still February, and the night is cold. The Tsukamoto household is struck by a blackout which seems to last long enough to cancel the effect of heaters and make Tenma uncomfortable. As such, she sets out to the warehouse in the backyard in search for a brazier (this is a new word to me), only to find herself unable to get out.

Five minutes seems like five hours to our poor heroine (this is so Tenma), and she begins to hallucinate, seeing various weird masks/faces on the wall…

From top to bottom, right to left: Mikoto, Yakumo, Karen, and Eri
(It would seem Kobayashi Jin doesn’t want to caricaturize Akira at all, does he?)

But the most intriguing of them all is none other than Karasuma’s.

Karasuma: “Good evening, Tsukamoto-san”

Well, the Drifting Classroom face just means that she’s extremely surprised, not scared. In fact, Tenma is quite happy about it. She thinks that since she will die freezing soon anyway, she might ask this Karasuma head a question she dare not ask the real person normally. The first question is “Was spending time with me in Kyoto boring?” The Karasuma head answers “No.” Relieved, she asks an even more daring question “Watashi to Issho ni Itai?” (Do you want to be with me?) And the head say “Un. Itai yo,” (うん。いたいよ。) which can be translated as “Yes. I want to be with you.” Overjoyed, Tenma blushes furiously and passes out. Some time later, Yakumo comes in to retrieve her sister.

Actually, the Karasuma head Tenma sees is Karasuma himself, who mysteriously got his head stuck between the window of the warehouse. (Was he trying to steal something?) Also, what he actually wanted to say when answering the second question was 「うん。痛いよ」 (Yes. It hurts [being stuck like this].) Seems like the love between Tenma and him is still up in the air…

Karasuma: “It hurts. Save me, Tsukamoto-san.”

Anyhow, Karasuma manages to free himself as one would expect. As he heads out of Tsukamoto household, he mumbles to himself that he had to deliver the manuscript “for the last time” as there are only 40 days left before Karasuma’s departure to somewhere. The text on the side of the page reads “The time of separation draws near…”


To be honest, this chapter is very random, and nothing happens. Although the fact that Karasuma is leaving for somewhere is pretty significant, I guess it will be just another “American Room” again because this is School Rumble. The mask gag, especially Eri’s, manages to be quite amusing though. The randomness and the lack of plot development in the next 5-6 chapters to come make me lose interest in School Rumble a bit, and my busy schedule since the middle of August deters me from spending time to blog the series. Right now, things start to pick up again, and that’s why I’m motivated to clear the backlog so that I can write about the latest chapters as soon as possible!


Word Reading Meaning
復旧 ふっきゅう restoration
くら warehouse
火鉢 ひばち brazier
凍える こごえる to be freezed
越す こす to go over
彼是 かれこれ this and that, one thing or another
かべ wall
余っ程 よっぽど very, greatly, much
入稿 にゅうこう handing in manuscript



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7 05 2007

I appreciate the work you do… pleaso dont loose interest.

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