Mahou Sensei Negima 150: Raging Fight! Close Fight! Fierce Fight! Mahora Magic-user Troop v. Future Super Science!!!

12 10 2006

The exciting battle between Mahora Gakuen students and Chao’s robot army drags on. Evangeline watches the battle unfolding from afar, herself not participating. 3-A girls are having tremendous fun, with Yuuna’s ranking 28th among all participants. Konoka stations herself at the infirmary, treating the wounded with her signature healing magic.


Magical Gunner Yuuna kick-ass-ness continues.

Konoka’s casting healing magic.

Having been slacking off since the beginning of the battle, the Mysterious Sister and Kokone got their lazy buttocks kicked by Sister Chakti, who angrily chases them away from the infirmary to work. Meanwhile, Asuna and Setsuna join up with Nijuuin, who’s trying to seal one of the giants, but to no avail. He asks Setsuna to uses her ogre extermination technique to deal some damage to it, but Takahata arrives and volunteers to take care of the giant himself, saying that he can’t let his former student do dangerous jobs. What follows is Takahata’s oji-san awesomeness of pwning the giant weapon of destruction single-handedly. The Mysterious Sister and her chibi sidekick arrives at the scene just in time to witness her former advisor’s pwnage.

Dude, too freaking powerful of a middle-aged man.

While everyone is in awe with his combat prowess, Takahata himself is attacked from distance, but he manages to block it and warns others it’s the work of a sniper. Nijuuin immediately orders his subordinate mages to use magical barriers and prepare to deal with barrier piercing bullets. After the failed attempt to snipe Takahata, Mana, the sniper, starts shooting other mages. The second shot hits a nameless cannon-fodder mage, causing the victim to be engulfed by a small black sphere which shrinks continuously until it disappears.

The effect of Mana’s bullet.

The Miko sniper then takes down three other mages, Kokone, and then Nijuuin, who then realizes that Mana can attack from many directions using reflecting bullets. Tanaka robot uses the same bullet to attack normal participants as well, making Ako and Fumika disappear from the scene. Misora freaks out as she thinks Nijuuin is dead, but Takahata informs her that the bullet’s effect is just forced relocation. The teacher then ponders that the bullet should not be able to move anyone beyond 3km radius, which makes it useless strategically. His doubt gets cleared immediately by none other than the master mind, Chao Lingshen, who suddenly appears from behind and informs Takahata that it’s not 3km but 3 hours before, with an ebil smirk plastered on her face.

Chao Lingshen, you look so ebil!

She then proceeds to greet Asuna and Setsuna, and complement them for coming up with the plan that truely surprised her. Upon asking where Negi is, Chao enrages Asuna into proclaiming “I’ll smack you down!” However, the evil master mind remains calm and welcomes the challenge, saying that she thinks Negi is the only one who can stop her now.


The past couple of chapters have been very fun to read and very flashy indeed. Akamatsu-sensei continues to draw intense action scenes, cool-looking costumes, and good amount of fanservice with constant quality. Well, it’s cool and stuff, but I have become bored. Really, no matter how Azuma’s bread can send anyone who eats it for the first time to heaven, that person will get bored after eating it a lot of times. Same thing here.

However, it’s a good sign that Chao shows herself quite quickly rather having Negi search for her. The fight will develop quickly, and we shall soon see the aftermath of this struggle to change the world. Negi is going to win, of course, and I hope that Akamatsu-sensei gives us a good explanation as to why Negi witnesses to versions of the future. Everything about time travelling is consistent so far. Please don’t ruin it, Akamatsu-sensei.

Oh, and for the fanboyish rant of this chapter: Chao’s ebilness and costume are so cool! I probably have a thing for flying laser-shooting bits like DRAGOON system of Strike Freedom. So, any character that has this sort of weapon system gains tons of coolness points from me. Good stuff!


Word Reading Meaning
見逃す みのがす to overlook
野暮 やぼ unrefinedness, uncouthness
ゆったり ゆったり comfortable, easy, calm
見物 けんぶつ sightseeing
絶好 ぜっこう best, ideal perfect
調 ちょう pitch, tone, time, tempo
連?レ れんさい serialization
駆ける かける to fly, to run fast
接戦 せっせん melee, hand-to-hand fight
なんじ you
ユピテル ゆぴてる jupiter
恩寵 おんじょう grace, favor
治癒 ちゆ healing, cure, recovery
張り切る はりきる to be in high spirit, to be enthusiastic
ぶつかる ぶつかる to strike, to collide with
支給 しきゅう provision, supply; payment
捕縛 ほばく arrest, capture, apprehension
捕る とる to catch, to capture
かく character, case, status
質量 しつりょう mass
処理 しょり process, dealing with, treatment
与える あたえる to give, to present, to award
退治 たいじ extermination
制御 せいぎょ control, governing
装置 そうち equipment, installation, apparatus
外れる はずれる to be disconnected
拘束 こうそく restriction, restraint
防御 ぼうぎょ defense
貫く つらぬく to go through
再生 さいせい regeneration
狙撃 そげき sniping
特殊 とくしゅ special
障壁 しょうへき barrier
対?R たいこう opposition, countering
打ち合わせ うちあわせ previous arrangement, business meeting
続行 ぞっこう resuming
目標 もくひょう mark, targer, objective
予測 よそく prediction, estimation
はん group, party, section (military)
物陰 ものかげ cover, shelter
飲み込む゙ のみこむ to gulp down, to take in, to digest
かべ wall
方向 ほうこう direction
複数 ふくすう plural, multiple
跳弾 ちょうだん canister shot
弾丸 だんがん bullet, shot, shell
精々 せいぜい at the most
兎も角 ともかく anyhow, anyway, somehow or other
左程 さほど (not) very, (not) much
加える くわえる to add up, to sum up, to append, to include, to increase
賞賛 しょうさん praise, admiration, commendation
贈る おくる to send, to give to, to award to
二の舞 にのまい repeating the same failure
ぬけぬけ ぬけぬけ shameless, impudent
段階 だんかい stage, gradation, grade
僅か わずか only, merely, a little, small quantity
不敵 ふてき daring, fearless, bold
苦戦 くせん hard fight, close game



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