Mahou Sensei Negima 151: A Series of Pwnages

16 10 2006

Of course, that was not the real title of the chapter. The real one is: “Charging Completed, Negi Revived!!”

This chapter turns out to be a series of pwnages, shounen style. More pwnages than the fight in Kyoto. Ebil Chao pwns every one, and then got pwned by Misora… (J/K)

Oh, well, let us starts with Chao pwning Asuna.

Then, she pwns Setsuna.

History repeats itself, ne.

Before we can see Chao pwns Takahata, the scene cuts to the library. Negi has woken up and has readied himself for the last confrontation with the Chinese genius. At the same time, Chisame calls out her artifact, and discovers that it’s a cliche-ridden baton of a magical girl.

Chisame: “Hey, this is net-related right?”
Yue: “Yes, there’s no mistake. Here’s the manual.”
Chisame: “Hey, but isn’t this too good to be true? (OMG! She likes it?)
How do they decide who gets which artifact?”
Chamo: “Well, well, it’s all because Chiuchi has always been a good kid.
Use it thankfully, okay!” (ROFL)

Well, we still don’t get to see how she uses it though. Meanwhile, Negi apologizes Ayaka for selfishly asking for her favour, prompting Ayaka goes gaagaa over Negi, saying that she would do anything he wished for. Paru interrupts their conversion, signaling Negi to move out. Unfortunately, Ayaka and Makie want to tag along. However, Chisame ask the two to stay behind and help her with “a serious matter for Negi,” enabling Negi to escape with Paru, Nodoka, Yue, Kuu, and Kaede.

Soon, the gang exits the building, and is greeted by Chao’s robots. The series of pwnages continues with Negi’s laying waste to the robot with his strongest lighting magic.

Kid, you haven’t got a chance to be awesome for a while, have you?

Next items in the list of pwnages: Mana pwns three teachers Kataragi (the sunglasses sensei) and Touko.

And so Chao has been fighting Takahata while we saw all Negi’s and others’ activities. (NO!!! Akamatsu-sensei!!! Me want see Chao fight Takahata!!!) Seems like Chao is on a class of her own as Takahata’s clothes are covered with dirt, but no scratch on Chao’s. The ebil genius complements Takahata for being able to hold out this long despite the apparent difference in their fighting abilities. Takahata is not amused, and proceeds to ask if his ex-advisee understands that the world is going to be shrouded in chaos if she succeeds. Chao answers that her way has the least risk, and she has been preparing forces to control any unexpected incidents that might occur in the next couple of decades, prompting Takahata to say that it was not different from world domination. Claiming that she will definitely do it well, the ebil genius questions Takahata back whether people doing his kind of job should know the best that her way is the only way to right the wrongs in the world. Then, she asks whether Takahata wants to join her. Hesitating, Takahata loses focus and falls pray to Chao’s attack, which sends him three hours in the future.

Wait, where’s her DRAGOON?

Finished dealing with the greatest obstacle in front of her, Chao prepares to send Asuna and Setsuna away as well, only to discover that she’s been pwned by the Mysterious Sister, who ninjalooted the two girls behind her back, leavning no marks.

Aha! So now we know who’s the real BOSS.


So Takahata’s losing to Chao because of hesitation is consistent with what he said earlier. Maybe Akamatsu-sensei is not going to pull a parallel universe trick on us? Nah… Negi has to win somehow, so he’ll definitely use it. Well, if he manages to make all the happenings consistent while allowing Negi to stop Chao, then he’ll receive a ton of praises from me.

Chao has degraded from a benevolent world-savier-wannabe who has done no wrong to anyone (besides stripping him/her) to achieve her goal to an overconfident brat who thinks she can do everything because she’s a smart ass. I find her attitude alienating because of her total lack of respect to others’ wisdom. Perhaps disclosing magic is a good thing to do because the magic users impose their opinion on magic on normal people. But controling the world by force afterwards is just politically wrong. You see, this situation is quite similar to what happened in my home country recently. Wait! This is an anime blog! Please forget what I have said so far…

All that said, this chapter is pretty intense, and it seems that Negima has been taken itself very seriously. The comedy element is still there, but I’d like to see a bit more of it. But, all in all, it is a solid one and an enjoyable read.


Word Reading Meaning
充電 じゅうでん charging (electrically)
炸裂 さくれつ explosion
勢い いきおい energy, force, vigor, life, power
取り扱 とりあつかい treatment, handling
授与 じゅよ award, conferment
基?€ きじゅん standard, criteria
日ごろ ひごろ nomally, habitually
?sい おこない deed, conduct, behavior
お供 おとも attendant, companion
けん matter, case, item
皆無 かいむ nothing
銃弾 じゅうだん rifle bullet
圧倒的 あっとうてき overwhelming
粘る ねばる to be sticky, to persist
犠牲 ぎせい sacrifice
相応 そうおう sustainability, fitness
覆う おおう to wrap, to cover, to disguise
伴う ともなう to accompany, to bring with
起こり得る おこりうる to be possble to occur
致命的 ちめいてき fatal, lethal
事体 じたい situation
監視 かんし observation, inspection, surveilance
不測 ふそく unexpected, unforeseen
財力 ざいりょく assets
況してや ましてや much less, to say nothing of
管理 かんり control, management
僅か わずか only, merely, a little
不正 ふせい injustice
歪み ゆかみ distortion, bend, injustice
不均衡 ふきんこう imbalance, inequality, disparity
退場 たいじょう leaving, exit
辛くも からくも barely, with difficulty
切り抜ける きりぬける to cut one’s way through, to struggle through
激突 げきとつ crash into, clash
調整 ちょうせい regulation, adjustment, tuning



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12 04 2008

very nicely done and very funny.

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