A Thought on Dakimakura Covers

4 01 2007

The most valued treasures in my otaku collection are Nanoha and Fate dakimakura covers on sale in Comiket 70. Recently, I impulse bought a dakimakura cover featuring Primula that comes with Dengeki Hime Navel Special (NSFW), and it was delivered to me yesterday via DHL. So, I swapped Fate-chan out of my body pillow to try hugging Rim-chan to sleep last night. It turns out that the Nanoha cover is my favourite after all eventhough the one with Rim-chan is so much more faptastic. (NSFW)

Why? Not that I like Nanoha as a character much more than Primula. In fact, I like Fate as a character more than Nanoha. What makes the difference is that Nanoha is smiling so sweetly on both sides of the cover. While Rim-chan gives you the impression that she’s going to cry “Onii-chan… Dame…” at any moment, Nanoha gives you the illusion that she’s just happy to be there, and that’s just… moe.

Facial expression of the character on dakimakura is the most important because, if you actually use the cover and hug the pollow, it’s the only thing you can see. What the character wears or what hidden parts you can actually see becomes completely irrelevant. To ensure that the cover gives you maximum happiness, it should make you feel good both when you hug it to bed and when you wake up. The best possible facial expression for this purpose is that of a smiling, happy girl.

A face you would not want to see when you wake up.
Clearly, she just had a bad night, and you feel guilty of scaring her.

A face you would want to see when you go to bed and wake up.

That’s why I think it’s unlikely that I’m going to buy dakimakura covers from doujin circles as they tend to focus on the ero side of things, which means sultry expressions instead of just simple old smiles. The new Hayate & Reinforce II cover is very cute, but too bad I couldn’t be at C71, so I might have to let it pass. On another note, this Louise (NSFW) cover is, although she doesn’t smile on either sides, very interesting and tsundere that I might try to get my hands on.




3 responses

4 01 2007
tj han

OMG. You are so pro. I only got the Yakumo and Eri ones but have yet to obtain a pillow.

5 01 2007

I’m definitely not a pro. You see, my dakimakura collection consists of only those three, but it’ll become bigger.

Too bad body pillows in the US only come in one size, so covers from Japan are always too long and too wide. I’m sure I can get pillows with non-standard size from the net, but that’s too troublesome.

PS: I want the Yakumo one as well. If she wears her melancholic smile, the cover would be ideal.

14 04 2008

where can i buy the pillow covers online i went to japan recently and and found oneand its nice cover but i want more!!!

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