Toloveru 38: Eve + Yuri = Yami-chan = Delicious

5 02 2007

As you might know, Cardcaptor is a fanboy of the stylish loli by the name Eve of the Black Cat fame. Now that Yabuki Kentarou decides to include her in the supreme fanservice extraordinaire manga Toloveru, Cardcaptor is overjoyed beyond words. Moreover, Yabuki-sensei gives her a slight hint of Yuri this time. What more can this poor man ask for?!?

So, the guy who hired the “Golden Darkness” to kill Rito is this some-Dragonball-Z-character-lookalike named Lacospo. He has a very childish speech pattern, ending the majority of his sentences with “da-mon,” and calling himself “boku-tan.”

Lacospo has arrived, da-mon!!

Lala rejects him immediately, saying that she would never marry a meanie that hires an assasin to kill Rito. Furious, Lacospo orders the Golden Darkness to finish her job, but Eve questions the integrity of the information Lacospo gave her regarding Rito. Seeing that Eve is not willing to follow his command any more, Lacospo brings out his ultimate trump card the Erotic Toad, whose convenient mucous only dissolves clothing. (Yes, this is one of the oldest manga cliche that still works really really well today!)

Erotic Toad’s Stripping Mucous

Of course, you know what to expect, right?

Massive Nosebleed #1

Strong as she is, Eve is powerless against the mucous, something she cannot cut. However, before Eve is hit the second time, Lala shields the Golden Darkness with her body (*nosebleed*), and, after her clothe regenerates, proceeds to beat the heck out of Lacospo, sending him crying back to his planet.

Massive Nosebleed #2

You’re already dead…

Eve is touched by Lala’s strength and the fact that she went so far to protect her. Eve then asks why Lala shielded her even though she is an enemy. The Deviluke Princess replies that she can’t forgive Lacospo for doing such a mean thing to a cute girl like Eve. The most moe expression ever from the Golden Darkness ensues…

Cute…? I am…?
(Arrggghhhh… So moe!!!)

Still afraid of the girl, Rito asks Eve to go back to space now that she has no reason to be on Earth any more. Unbeknownst to him, though, the Golden Darkness has just found a new reason to be around…

“Abandoning a job I accepted is against my principle…”
(The Golden Darkness wants Lala, right now…)

“so I’m gonna stay here until I eliminate [Rito].”

And so this is how Eve, or Yami-chan as Lala dubs her, joins Rito’s Lala’s harem…


What a nice spin! I serious think Rito doesn’t deserve a character as cool as Eve, so making her fall for Lala is just great! I’m praying for a nice bathroom lesbian action between the two girls in the next chapter. Yes? Hasemi-sensei? Yabuki-sensei?




3 responses

15 02 2007

Meh, I think it’s more of a wants-to-be-friends thing and, and “Eve” (in quotes because she’s not officially named as Eve in ToLoveRu) is just too shy to admit it. :P :)

15 02 2007

We still have to see whether the writer wants to exploit the Yuri possibility, or it’s just that Eve just wants to have a friend. However, to me, the blushes and the glitters behind Lala in Page 160 suggest romantic interest.

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