Mahou Sensei Negima 154: Electronic Warfare, Simplified (Catching-up Edition)

10 02 2007

Apologies for no Negima & School Rumble summary for a long while.

Chiu, Makie, and Iinchou gets transfered to a virtual space filled with water and fish. Donning Mahou Shoujo Biblion costumes, they wage electronic warfare with Chachamaru.

Preparing for battle, Chiu changes into Biblion Roulin(?) Rouge costume with her artifact.

The cyberspace is a vast sea of information…

Chachamaru is the enemy.

Chachamaru launches a Denial of Service attack with TCP packets.
Chiu counters with an iptables packet filter.

The stream of packets also has some virus mixed within, so if you touch those jellyfish… (Wow, what a great UI for electronic warfare. I sincerely want this system realized!)

To save them from their predicament, Chiu gives them the batons, and the two girls transform to Mahou Shoujo Bibilon, protectors of books worldwide…

Prolly too powerful for their own good,
but Chiu only intends to use them as baits and shields anyway…
(Akamatsu-sensei, give them some pactio cards already!)

Back to the Negi who was recently saved by Nodoka’s sacrifice, he asks Yue to tell her opinion on the matter as he’s still confused whether what he’s doing is right.

“Please tell me what you have to say.”

Meanwhile, Eva observes the situation and seems to enjoy it without worrying what the outcome will be. She is then accompanied by the Principal who begins drinking her sake, much to the Gospel of Darkness’s dismay.

“Don’t say something like that. Let me take a sip.”
“Don’t just drink it like that, damn you!”


  • I never expect that many technical terms from Negima. Seems like Akamatsu-sensei and his team puts a lot of effort on making references, which is cool if the reader gets it.

  • I remember cyberspace being represented by a sea in some other movie/manga, so Akaamatsu-sensei’s portray is not original, but he sure takes full advantage of it. Yes, I’m talking about the clothe-dissolving jellyfish. (They have tentacles!)

  • Chiu, Makie, and Ayaka are cute this chapter, and it makes me happy to see Chiu in the spot light after waiting for so long.

More Negima and School Rumble “Catching-up Edition” (more pictures, less text, and without vocabs) will come. Stay tuned.




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28 02 2007

More action in this chapter, make this chapter become more good and more great to see. I hope Akamatsu sensei finish the next chapter quickly.

17 05 2010

Hello! I am new to these board I hope this was the best place to say hi.
so yeah I just wanted to say hi

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