To LOVEる 39: Costume Mayhem

15 02 2007

Yabuki-sensei continues to deliver quality fanservice, in both the most blatant and the sublter way.

Rito, Mikan, and Lala go skating, quite an unlikely setup for skinny fanservice, eh? Well, don’t underestimate the writer! Lala is good at it already though it’s the first time she skates. Rito sucks royally, so he complains that he should not have come, but Mikan warned him to be careful of being alone because someone is after his life. This cues Eve to make an appearance…

How do you do?

But it turns out she’s there just to give Lala some Taiyaki. (aww…)

“I bought too many so I’ll give you one.”

I somehow wanted to see Eve saying “uguu,” but, on a second thought, it would be really out of her character, so I’d rather not…

After that, Haruna and two of her friends (whose names I don’t remember yet) show up because Lala invited them. Seeing Rito’s overly happy face, Mikan figures out immediately where her brother’s heart lies, and lives them alone to give Rito a good time with his crush, and he does get it. Bad at skating just like Rito, Haruna tumbles and falls flat on top of Rito, giving Rito a close-up view of her face in the most cliche-ridden way possible. Well, this is not the highlight of the chapter anyway.

Meanwhile, Lala races with Haruna’s two friends, and, seeing that she’s loosing to them, she uses her “All-purpose Tool” to enhance her shoes. As in the textbook, the enhancement is too power that the shoes make her spin around, sending Peke, her costuming device, flying, and landing Lala herself on Rito, naked. Now, this is nosebleed material and stuff, but I think we see too much of naked Lala already. More nekkid Eve plz, Yabuki-sensei.

The best part of the chapter, though, is when Peke got transferred from one person to another, changing their attire. And, so we have…

Waitress costume.


Haruna in Lala’s Deviluke attire.
Well, IMHO, this is quite disappointing…
Make her a nurse or a police woman or something, Yabuki-sensei…

But the best of them all is this:

EVE in a SUKUMIZU!!!!!!

(* Massive Nosebleed *)

However, the writers yanked me back to reality with this:

Arrggghhhh… MY EYES…

And this shot of her love interest triggers Haruna’s I-just-have-to-smash-naked-men rampage on Rito, and the chapter ends there.

Interestingly, on the side of the last panel lies the text 「起きない男…?」 which means “a man who doesn’t wake up…?” Perhaps what Haruna means with her “……..” in the above picture is actually “How small!” or perhaps Haruna’s attack would make Rito unable to wake up a while…




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