Atelier-Sai’s 1/6 Black Waitress Mikuru: 仕事頑張って、フィギャア貰った。

25 05 2007

Today is one of the happiest days in my life. After a 4-month long internship at a Japanese game company, the titular figure was given to me by my boss during my farewell party. It is my first figure, and definitely the most precious one that I will put on my every future office desk to tell people that my hard work gave me this moe reward.

Let me tell some anecdotes of how it materialized.

Last week, my boss asked the following question out of the blue:

“Cardcaptor-san, there are a lot of kinds of moe. What kind of moe do you like?”

“You mean, my moe zokusei?”

My boss and my colleagues became actually quite surprised by the use of the above vocabulary.

“Well, it’s kind of weird. But I like blonde girls in black clothes.”

“Hmm… This is actually kind of specific… Hmm…”

After that, he asked me whether this is 2D or 3D, and I answered firmly that it was 2D.

Earlier this week, he asked me again:

“Cardcaptor-san, how many figures do you own?”

“I don’t have any because I don’t have space to keep them.”

(Sarcastically) “Thank you. That’s a very useful information.”

Then, he asked, “Or do you want to have a dakimakura instead?” His colleague then reminded him that I might not know what a dakimakura is, but…

“Dakimakura? I already have some of those.”

They all had a reaction you would see in manga/anime when a character hears something he/she totally unexpected.

So I could guess that he was planning to buy something for me, and I actually had an idea of hinting him that I was all moe for Fate Testarossa in hopes that a statue of this blonde cutie would fall into my possession. However, the date of my final presentation drew near, and I became engrossed in work and forgot all about that entirely.

The final presentation went by smoothly, and today most of the group went to a German izakaya in Shinjuku for a nomikai. The food was great, and I actually had my first mug of Heineken (and beer in general) in my life. (As tjhan pointed out in this entertaining read, we otakus do not indulge ourselves in vices other than masturbation.)

In the middle of a conversation, my boss then presented the figure to me. Although I was not surprised because he gave the secret away, I was excited to see what figure it was. And I was like, “Yes! A Mikuru! Yes!” I’m also touched by the black cloth she’s wearing. Boss, thank you very much, and I want to let you know that I really appreciate it! Thank you very much, the Japanese game company whose name I shall not disclose. You’re the best company in the world!

Okay, enough for my life story. Let me imitate tjhan for one day and pose some photos of this lovely gift.




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28 07 2008

This is super cute! I really want to buy it but since it’s already so expensive, it’s hard to pull out so much money with shipping- tax is also high in California. It’s really the best Mikuru figure out there so far, really captures her personality!

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