Atelier-Sai’s 1/6 Black Waitress Mikuru: 仕事頑張って、フィギャア貰った。

25 05 2007

Today is one of the happiest days in my life. After a 4-month long internship at a Japanese game company, the titular figure was given to me by my boss during my farewell party. It is my first figure, and definitely the most precious one that I will put on my every future office desk to tell people that my hard work gave me this moe reward. Read the rest of this entry »


Random Bits #4: Doujin Work Anime, Nanoha Car, & Hayate no Gotoku! Book 10

12 03 2007

Doujin Work anime: This is probably old news to almost everyone, but I was just informed yesterday by the cover of April’s Manga Time Kirara that Doujin Work is getting an anime adaptation. (You can read more about the manga in my earlier post.) The “I’m gonna try hard until it gets an anime adaption” prophecy Hiroyuki-sensei made in Volume 1 of the manga has come true, and I’m quite excited about it! Read the rest of this entry »

Wonder Festival 28

25 02 2007

I attended the 28th Wonder Festival today. Although I’m no figure collector, I do enjoy going there just to take photos. (I think I might have become a camera freak lately…) Here are some figures I thought were seriouly cool:

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AOU 2007: Arcade Games Galore

18 02 2007

My boss came to me on Thursday and asked, “Do you like games?” Well, yes of course! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be interning in a game company like this! However, what he meant was that he was going to give me a ticket to the All Nippon Amusement Machine Operators’ Union Expo 2007, aka AOU 2007. I didn’t know what to expect, but gladly accepted his goodwill (or, perhaps, no one from the company wanted to go there anyway). What ensued was an enjoyable trip filled with the latest in the Japanese arcade gaming world.

The l33t invitation ticket.

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Random Bits #3: Camera Test Run and Sankuri 34 Report

11 02 2007

Camera Test Run

I have just acquired a Canon EOS KISS Digital N (known as the Digital Rebel XT in the US) from Akihabara today after a long trek to Sankuri 34. (A picture of the loots available below.) Well, so here are some pictures of my small otaku room that I just moved in less than a week ago… (Yeah, I just can’t resist doing a test run…) Read the rest of this entry »

Sunshine Creation 34 Window Shopping List

9 02 2007

Cardcaptor has returned to Japan for an internship again, and he is going to attend Sunshine Creation 34, aka Sankuri 34, this coming Sunday. Let us take a look at circles he’s going to check out.

  •  恋愛漫画家 (A-12ab): For the new Code Geass book.
  • サークルAV (A-47ab): Let’s see what they have to offer.
  • Pink Chuchu (J-31ab): Game Collection book.
  • Nikka (J-32a): What ever she sells.
  • りーず工房 (J-51a): Can’t find the web site, but hope for a new SRW book.
  • Mieow (N-16b): A new Lolicon series book?
  • P-Forest (Q-21b): SRW book, hopefully.
  • オテントマール (Q-24b): Irui book.
  • Joker Type (ア-01a): Aoi Nishimata’s Valentine book.
  • うつらうららか (セ-08a): Churuya-chan’s artist does Nanoha.

Yeehah! Back to Japan again next year!

7 11 2006

I have just received a confirmation of employment from a Japanese game company today. They will hire me for as an intern for five months, and I’ll be working in their research and development wing, but the kinds of work I’ll do has not been decided. Hopefully, I’ll be able to learn how to program the PS3 and come up with ways to make rendering faster. I’m very excited as the company has released many RPG masterpieces.

Of course, I will not only enjoy the work and try to gain as much experience from it as possible, but will also try to do something that I cannot do otherwise unless I’m in Japan. The list includes:

  • Continue my anime pilgrimage to Hinamizawa, Haruhi’s school and town, and the towns of Kanon, Air, and Fate/Stay Night.
  • Trips to Kyoto, Osaka, Ise, Kumamoto, Hokkaido, etc.
  • Attend doujin conventions such as Sunshine Creation, Comitia, and Hakurei Jinja Reitaisai. If I arrive in Japan soon enough, I’ll attend C71 as well.
  • Of course, many many trips to Akihabara.

Oh well, but to enjoy my Japan experience to the full extent, I’ll have to finish my master thesis and a paper to a conference in two months. Everybody wish me luck, please!